Our company provides advisory services mainly in the field of marine and transportation engineering. Our experts have provided their services in the following fields (indicative selection):

  • Preparatory courses with hands-on practice and basic theory for the certification of metal workers.
  • Newbuildings (marine): negotiation support, construction supervision, project management support
  • Existing tonnage (marine): operational and technical support
  • Welding engineering (marine and industrial): specifications, training, supervision and monitoring of relevant projects
  • Transportation: planning and advisory services, project evaluation and assessment
  • Greening of transportation services and marine operations: technology selection and assessment, installation of equipment
  • Education: delivery of educational material, shifting from physical to virtual, quality control and assessment of educational services, accreditation support, etc.

Our team cooperates with leading alternative finance providers for all issues related to financial planning, access to capital and financial solutions.

Our team remains independent from local and international market actors, aiming at servicing the client best.

Since 2010 our team has offered services to internationally renowned firms in various projects, locally and internationally, including innovative and groundbreaking services in the field of greening transport and marine operations.

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